How To Keep Your Kids Off Drugs: My Gift to You

How To Keep Your Kids Off Drugs is a book which is not mainly about drugs. It's about how to raise your kids so that they live life, they know how to live life and they can do it successfully. That includes, actually, how to follow their own goals in life. That's something that can make them a true success.

You want your kid to be happy, right?

It's about how to raise your kids so that they live life, they know how to live life and they can do it successfully.

Home is pleasant when your kids are happier—growing up to be successful adults because they're being made ready to handle life. And they're already calmly and successfully handling it—because they know how.

We go to school and learn things: facts, dates, Reading, Math, Science. But we're never really taught how to live, how to set goals, how to reach them. How to do all the things we need to do to live well and successfully. We're not even taught how to handle problems. We're not taught how to deal with troublesome people.

This is the purpose behind How To Keep Your Kids Off Drugs.

What about drugs?

Today, it seems that if anyone has a problem, someone tries to give them a drug for it.

Problem with Math? That's a Math Disorder, and there's a drug for that.

It just so happens that people can solve their problems without drugs.

Drugs are unhealthy solutions which damage bodies, livers, brains and veins, and which also leave users more deadened—drugs don't solve anything. Actual medicines cure or help with real, physical diseases. Mind-altering drugs (even when they're called "meds") don't cure anything physically or mentally. They may hide, mask, deaden–they don't solve.

Plus, They're Dangerous

15-year-old Kip Kinkel who shot his parents and then went to school and opened fire on his classmates was on psychiatric medication, as well as at least 64 more mass-murderer shooters. There are probably more, but police aren't required to report on such drug use in these cases, and sometimes the mass-murderer's case files are sealed so that no one can find out if they were or weren't on a certain drug.

Over 1,500 cases have been reported where psychiatric drugs caused ideas of murder or suicide, or the actual actions of murder or suicide. The data gatherers estimate that between 1% and 10% of these occurences are reported. This means that the psychiatric medications have likely caused thoughts about or the action of suicide or murder (or both) to occur between 15,000 and 150,000 times. I know of one fairly normal kid who had some little problem, and the doctor gave him and his mother free samples of an antidepressant for him to take. He began taking it, stopped talking with his parents and killed himself 6 weeks later.

One of the possible side-effects of many of these drugs is psychosis, meaning the person goes crazy and really disconnects from reality. They snap and go insane.

Drugs have thus created a false "solution"—and a much more dangerous environment.

Download and read this book. It's fairly short—under 100 pages. It's pretty simple. But it can really make a difference.

It's completely free right now, and it's my gift to you.

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Thanks for visiting today, and taking part in something good. For the sake of our future—for the sake of our kids.

We don’t want our kids chaining themselves to a future of having to buy drugs, having to take them, needing more—or living life to buy and use. To be safe and free of chains, far above the desire for drugs, our kids will need to be strong. They will need to know a few of the facts of life.

They’ll need to be prepared for life, so they won’t feel they need to escape from it. They will need to know the facts concerning drugs. These two points are what this book is all about.  — Excerpt from How To Keep Your Kids Off Drugs, Introduction

“Thank you—thank you. God Bless you. I just felt such relief, almost like a rescue. After reaching out to so many and now finally, to find what I have been searching for—a practical and sensible how-to book about this drug issue. I can’t tell you how grateful I feel.

“I keep it out in my living room, as a reference.”
—L. Turnage, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

“Now I know what to do. I was smoking weed pretty regularly, and doing Ecstasy sometimes. But I’ve quit all that, and I’ll never go back.”
—T. Boggs, Alexandria, VA

“This is an important book. It is such a worthwhile piece of work. It’s a book that has to be read.”
—Nancy Smoller, Book Clearing House, Harrison, New York

“I liked the book very much. I recommend it to friends and family. Thanks for the help in raising healthy children!” —Suzanne M., Pasadena, California

“I quit smoking. I realized what I was doing to myself, so now I live without...smoke-filled lungs. Your book reinforced everything I knew and felt about the future. Things are better for me, now." —Josh R., Pocatello, Idaho

“It has a lot of good stuff in it.” —Miss Alexander (age 11), Florissant, Missouri

“I hope that as many people as possible read it. It is a mine of information for people at a loss with their children. My six-year-old ... is a very happy little girl. ... Your book really helped us.” —T. Howell, Netherlands, Antilles